A Lean, Mean Blogging Machine for Hackers and Fools.

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Schnitzelpress is a Blogging Engine for the modern Web.

It's built with Ruby, a sexy little programming language that makes developers happy. Happy developers build great software, and great software makes users happy. See? Everyone is happy. It's beautiful!

Comes with a beautiful, semantic, responsive design template that is ready for Mobile and easy to customize through the power of HAML and SASS. So many buzzwords. Trust us, it's cool.

Post through your browser, using Markdown. Because we love it and so will you. Embed images, videos, syntax-highlighted source code and what have you.

Built for the Cloud. In fact, it screams on a free Heroku instance. You could say Schnitzelpress includes free hosting! Of course, you can also host it on your own servers. We don't mind.

100% Open Source. Don't like something? Grab the source and hack away. We don't care! Well, actually, we do care. A lot! Make with the pull requests!

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Introducing Schnitzelpress, the inaugural announcement of the first publicly released version of Schnitzelpress.

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